Dentistry services in East Longmeadow FAQ

[faq title=”Frequently asked questions:”][faq_question]What insurances do participate with?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Dental Blue and Delta Dental Premier. We also accept and will file most insurances including Metlife, Cigna, Aetna, Altus and many more.[/faq_answer][faq_question]How long has the doctor been a dentist?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Graduated 1986 from Tufts Dental School. And has had extensive training in implants, extractions, root canals, crowns, and veneers.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Do you offer financing?[/faq_question][faq_answer]We offer Care Credit and accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover along with checks or cash.[/faq_answer][faq_question]What is the experience and schooling of your staff?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Our experienced, friendly staff has extensive training to help make your experience pleasant and relaxing.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Do you see children? [/faq_question][faq_answer]Yes, as young as 4.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Where is your location?[/faq_question][faq_answer]200 N. Main Street, Suite 101 E. Longmeadow MA, North building, off street parking, first floor.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Do you take Mass Health or Medicaid?[/faq_question][faq_answer]No, we are not participating. However, we accept most other insurance.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Does your Doctor place implants?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Yes, the implant and the restorative placement of abutment and crown.[/faq_answer][faq_question]What is the process of an implant?[/faq_question][faq_answer]First, surgical placement of the implant in the bone. After waiting 5 months to integrate the post abutment and crown are placed.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Is payment expected at the time of service? [/faq_question][faq_answer]Yes, unless a major procedure is done then payments can be split over the time it takes to complete the procedure. Such as crowns. Bridges, Root Canals, and dentures.[/faq_answer][faq_question]What will my insurance cover? [/faq_question][faq_answer]Each insurance is different, but we can estimate what they may cover.[/faq_answer][faq_question]What is your guarantee?[/faq_question][faq_answer]I stand behind all my work. A patient must do their job by keeping up with their six-month cleaning appointment.[/faq_answer][/faq]